Company Profile of JHP, Inc.

JHP, Inc. is a sister company of US JHP Inc. which has been in the health and beauty market for 20 years. In this EXPO we introduce products based on the cutting-edge Japanese NANOtechnology.
Uniqueness of the products will astonish people and you can observe and confirm the superbness of these products at our booth by a specially made microscope. Experience the blood testing and your blood condition will tell you how healthy you are.
And observe how NANOtechnology will improve your blood and the condition of your health.
NANOtechnology refers to materials and devices that operate at the nano scale.

Tel:81-98-867-0851 Fax:81-98-869-1443
Tairyu Bldg. 2-8-56 Matsuo, Naha Okinawa 900-0014 Japan