How the NANOtech accessories work

Blood cells consist of 78% water and 22% solids. Water cluster in our body is usually very large due to various problems, such as, chemical additives, stress, electronic magnetic waves causing our body to become very unhealthy.
Application of a NANOtech accessory breaks your water clusters into small segments allowing blood cells to work more freely and speedy to perform its required job.

Blood Stream Testing

By using a Bscan microscope you can observe the blood flow of your finger in capillaries under your nail and confirm the improvement of flow by applying a NANOtech accessory. Also from the shapes of capillary you can analyze the condition of your health.

Easy Business

To make business deals, just test customers' blood by a Bscan microscope and let them observe improvements of their blood flow by applying a NANOtech accessory. You will be able to convince customers instantly.

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