Silver Necklace $ 950 It's new

Hair Growth Lotion 300ml $50 It's new

Okinawan Coral based calcium helps to promote hair growth. Coral calcium has long been recognized for its healing powers and has assisted in making Okinawans rank #1 in longevity.

Rubber: Black

Apply to any part of the body which needs treatment. Pain will disappear.



Titanium Bangle

Titanium Bangle $950
total length : S-14.5cm/ MS-15.5cm/ M-16.0cm/ ML-17.0cm/ L-18.0cm/ LL-19.5cm/ 3L-21.0cm/


NANO Water production device

NANO Miracle Bar
$100 / 1pcs.

Nano Pitcher $150
Use for drinking and cosmetic purposes.

Chlorine, which is assumed to increase the number of harmful active oxygen's, is included in general tap water. However, when the Nano Bar is placed in a glass of tap water it controls the negative effects of the chlorine by Nanotechnology.

Ordinary large water consist of
about 30 molecules
Between molecules Hydrogen combination enclosure of Chlorine Ion by water molecules Structure picture of enclosure of Ion by a water molecule
    I experimented on the working of the Nano Bar by using tap water and a chlorine reagent as follows:
    1) Pour tap water into two glasses.
    2) Then place the chlorine reagent into both glasses. Since chlorine is present in the tap water both glasses will turn yellow.
    3) Place a Nano Bar in one of the glasses and stir. Within minutes the water will become clear.
    The clearing of the water means the chlorine has now been enclosed by the Nano Water it no longer is a danger to the body.
  • USAGE:
    The water is now safer to drink and to cook with.
    1) Also because the activated water is an effective deodorant it is now possible to use it to stop sweat.
    2) The activated tap water is gentle to the skin and may be used to wash the face prior to applying beauty aides or make-up. And it now may be considered a high end product to be marketed to the beauty industry.
    1) Place 1 Nano Miracle Bar in a container for each liter of water.
    a. Leave the Bar or BARS in the water for 72 hours. The Nano Water is now ready to use.
    b. Save 1/4 water in the container along with the Bar or Bars. This will speed up the process when producing another container of Nano Water which may be ready overnight.

    2) To test whether or not the water has been nanotized and is ready perform the following:
    a. If the Nano Water is ready then it will easily clean the oily residue from eye glasses.
    b. If the Nano Water is ready then the hair will be more manageable after applying the water.
    c. After freezing the Nano Water, ice cubes in the tray will be more easily ejected without sticking. Another test is the ability to pick up an ice cube by having it stick to your finger when picking it up.
    d. Once the above tests pass then this is the correct length of time in which to leave the Nano Bars in the water after the initial 72 hours. Remember to always leave that 1/4 pitcher of water so it may act as a catalyst for the next container of Nano Water.

    3) Clean the Nano Bar or Bars once per month with detergent.

Ceramic Water Purifier

Ceramic OIL Purifier

*Possible Side Effects: With the application of a NANOtech accessory your body will start to cleanse its blood vessels. Blood cells will become more active and you may experience: headaches, sleeplessness, laziness, yawning and the appearance of eye mucus. If you do experience any of these, remove the accessory for a day and then wear it again. In the long run, the part of your body which requires treatment will respond positively to the effects of the accessory. It may take a few months for the area to return to normal. -WFB reference
*Allergic to rubber: Those who are allergic to rubber should refrain from using a NANOtech accessory.
*Those with low blood pressure may experience some dizziness when using the rubber accessories.


MI-01 $900
Improves the conditions of breast and prostate cancers by the radiation of Heat and Far Infra Red wave.
The treated area is heated even to the bone level which warms the surrounding diseased cells

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