...A women in Bahrain, in her late 40's, wore our NANOtech Waist Belt and within five minutes her backache disappeared.
...An Indian man in Dubai wore our Waist Belt and the pain in his back was reduced dramatically within one week.

One Syrian man in Dubai in his 40's after wearing our Bracelet had his blood tested by a microscope. It confirmed the improvement of his blood flow and he was so impressed that he bought 10 Bracelets to give to his family in Syria .

...Our president, Mr. Oshiro, showed an improvement in his high blood pressure when it decreased 22 points, from 165 to 143. The low end went from 93 to 80. Both occurred in just three months when wearing our Bracelet.
...A Tokyo man in his 50's lowered his high blood pressure from 155 to 135 and his low from 95 to 86 in just one month when wearing our Necklace .

A women in her late 20's from Tokyo mentioned that her constipation and digestion problems improved after wearing her NANOtech Bracelet .

One man in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia in his late 20's commented that he has more energy during the day. And that his mid-afternoon fatigue has disappeared now that he is wearing our NANOtech Bracelet.

After wearing a Bracelet our president, Tatsuaki Oshiro, noticed that there was a reduction in his hair loss.

A women in her early 20's from Tokyo during April purchased our NANOtech Bracelet and it has reduced the negative effects of her hay fever dramatically. Many young people in Tokyo are suffering from hay fever due to poor air quality which degrades the sinus cavities.

Mr. T. A., age 30, works at a sushi bar in Okinawa and suffers from hemorrhoids. He had tried topical applications which did not work. But after wearing a NANOtech Bracelet for just five days his hemorrhoids disappeared. Our president, Mr. Oshiro, visits T.A.'s bar for his sushi dishes.

...One women in Tokyo who was experiencing menstrual pains purchased our Waist Belt and within a few hours her pain was greatly reduced.
Hong Kong Health & Beauty Expo, November 2006
...After wearing our Bracelet a female exhibitor noticed that her menstruation pains were drastically reduced in just a few hours.
Hong Kong, January 2007
...A female customer of our Hong Kong distributor experienced a great improvement in her menstruation period when wearing our NANOtech accessory.
United Arab Emirates, Abu Dhabi, January 2007
...A 21 year old women from the Philippines after wearing our NANOtech Bracelet noticed that her menstruation period was shortened from five days to three.
United Arab Emirates, Dubai, January 2007
...An Indian women in her 50's always experienced excessive blood flow during her menstruation period. After wearing our Bracelet her excessive flow was reduced and returned to normal.

...In Dubai, a man in his 40's had a troublesome neck which moved more smoothly after wearing our accessory for four days.
...After weeks of suffering neck and shoulder muscle fatigue, due to spending his days in front of a computer screen, a man decided to purchase our NANOtech Necklace and immediately noticed a gradual relaxation in the area and now no longer is subjected to the painful fatigue.
...A housewife in Hong Kong relieved the pain in her neck and shoulder by wearing our accessory.

Our Hong Kong distributor reported that a 50 year old women restored her sex drive after wearing our accessory.


Our president,Tatsuaki Oshiro, wore a Bracelet and found that it improved his blood flow, resulting in the disappearance of freckles from the forehead, top of the head and on the legs.


After wearing her Bracelet for a few days, a women said she feels less stress and her mind is more alert even late into the day.


...A customer in his 60's from Kofu City, Japan marveled just how light and flexible the Bracelet is and that he does not even notice it most of the time. And is amazed that all the while it is allowing his body to rid itself of toxins that had been building up inside it. Meanwhile a women in her 20's was in the the same room. She began to smell a bad odor which were the toxin's being removed from the older man's body.
....Six female students at a Okinawa Art school were tested for two months, but only one who wore our Necklace was affected. She began to feel weak and dull which indicated a healing process was in progress removing toxins from her body. Mr. Oshiro commented that the other five students were healthy and thus had no reaction. But this does not mean our NANOtech accessory was not working. For it is protecting these healthy students from external environmental hazards.


Apply NANOtech water to the hair and it will become easily manageable. This water is made by a new NANOtech Miracle Bar which will be introduced into the market in March of this year.


A 63 year old man in Okinawa, Japan usually woke up two times each night to urinate. After wearing our Bracelet for twenty-four hours per day he is now able to sleep all night long.



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